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Menioo, a technology solution provider for many businesses around the world, came with a creative idea, a thought that didn’t cross anyone’s mind except the Menioos; it offers a customized digital tablet menu for restaurant businesses. It provides well-designed tablet menus that include the dishes descriptions, preparation time, meal’s calorie count, a personalized page to get the customers’ feedback, and much more. It allows the customer to view the story of the dishes and to order with just a few clicks. Web development case study Tell pencil solutions about your project, technical resources you want to Book Now.


Menioos decided to hire Pencil Solutions experts, the best web design and development company in Egypt, to turn their dream into reality, to establish their online presence by creating a web app and mobile apps that tell their exact story.
development case study Tell pencil solutions about your project, technical resources you want to Book Now.
Menioo picked one of the best web development agencies in Egypt, Pencil Solutions, to handle all of the features they want to provide their customers with, to be a unique restaurant business among all of the competitors, and to gain a competitive advantage in this industry. The services or features that Menioo asked Pencil Solutions specialists to work on were, in general, the following:
  • Designing its brand identity, mainly targeting digital web and mobile usage.
  • Creating the UX and UI of the required apps, the admin dashboard, and customer website interfaces.
  • Supporting iOS and Android apps by using Ionic cross-platform language.
  • Developing an admin dashboard/backend.
In particular the following:

Allow the customer to do the following: 

  • Browsing menu categories and menu item details.
  • Adding menu items to the cart/order basket.
  • Giving feedback and rating the whole visit by using a creative user interface.

Allow the admin to do the following: 

  • Managing menu, categories, and menu items.
  • Managing orders
  • Managing app themes/customization.
  • Reviewing feedbacks.
And in the main to build the following:
  • A responsive website and mobile apps
  • Info pages on product features
  • Subscription packages
  • Payment methods
  • Free time-limited trial
Web development case study Tell pencil solutions about your project, technical resources you want to Book Now.

Provided Solution 

Pencil Solutions used PHP Laravel programming language in building Menioo’s web app and formed iOS and Android apps based on Ionic mobile app development, a cross-platform language. Pencil Solutions’ team members studied all of Menioo’s requirements and drenched with its needs to create what exactly works the best for it. They worked together in an agile way to deliver all of the required features that were divided into milestones/sprints. They broke down Menioo’s project down into some user functionalities; they prioritized them and began delivering the features in short cycles called iterations. Pencil Solutions chose Agile Methodology in running its processes as it is an iterative approach to software delivery that builds software products incrementally. Pencil Solutions, one of the top mobile app development companies in Egypt and the best outsource web development company, programmed Menioo’s web and apps to let admins and customers do the following:
  1. Manage campaigns by giving the admins the ability to add, create, update, and delete.
  2. Manage menus by giving Menioos the ability to add as many menus as they want, publishing them anytime, add categories and items, and duplicate, localize, and delete a menu with the wizard.
  3. Manage feedbacks by giving Menioos the ability to create surveys to keep track of customer satisfaction and quality with the feedback forms and to access them from the control panel at any time.
  4. Manage orders by giving the admins the ability to do the following:
  • To take orders directly from the tablet menu that are sent directly to the admin panel
  • To tag the orders based on their status and keep track of their progress
  • To give the employees and tables IDs to track performance and turnover
  • To set the attributes
  • To set discounts
  • To manage tables and provide the employees with IDs to monitor services
  • To access the orders that are sent from tablets through the web
  • Manage themes by giving the admins the ability to create the look of the tablet menu, and to change the colours and the backgrounds the way they want.
  • Localize all the descriptions and details on the menu as well as the prices.
  • Decide which languages to display and enable/disable them at any time.
  • Show the choice of side dishes, appetizers, desserts, and drinks to the customers.
  • Restaurant owners can subscribe based on the no. of tablets.
  •  Each restaurant can have multiple branches/venues.
  •  Multiple tablets can be linked with a branch of a particular restaurant and have a unique ID.
  •  Each branch can activate or deactivate certain menu items from their branch.
And much more.

Pencil solution Web Development  Services

Menioo chosen to outsource the Pencil Solutions team, including a Product Manager, Business Analyst, PHP Developers, Android Developers, and iOS Developers, to have a top dedicated team of specialists. Pencil Solutions experts spent their whole working days for the agreed time between the two parties working on this project to guarantee exceptional results that suit Pencil Solutions’ experience. Pencil Solutions offers exceptional web development services; as a client, you can hire a Pencil Solutions team or any desired role. It served many customers for years to help them reach their target by building mobile and web apps and more, whether it was increasing revenue, or setting online presence, or any goal they dreamed of and put on their business strategy.

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