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Instadiet is a platform that connects patients to top-notch dietitians to help them to lose weight in a healthy and consistent manner. Instadiet promises users that they’ll never need another lousy, online diet.


Instadiet decided to hire Pencil Solutions experts, the best web design and development company in Egypt, to turn their dream into reality, to design a lot more than a calorie-counting platform they asked to create a society that it won’t just help losing weight; rather, it aims to help users make a long-term lifestyle change with continuous follow up from dietitians. To do that it focuses on the psychology of weight loss, and on offering a range of customized plans based on user lifestyle.
Instadiet picked one of the top web and mobile application UI and Ux studio in Egypt, Pencil Solutions, to handle all of the user interface and user experience for the features they want to provide their customers with, for both the web and mobile applications, to be a unique business among all of the competitors, and to gain a competitive advantage.

Branding & Guidelines

Pencil solutions in co-operation with Pencil-designs one of the top branding and UX studios in Egypt 2020 helped Instadiet to define its full brand identity design by creating a bespoke, bold logo design to position them as a leading author within the field of lifestyle and nutrition. We explored various themes, concepts and ideas for a stand-alone logo symbol but felt that the best solution was the introduction of a warm motif in the form of a heart within the custom Instadiet typographic logo design.
The Heart shape in the logo promotes compassion, intimacy and warmth side of the brand along with a more mature tone of voice to give the brand character and a distinct personality, so the following is the final logo design and all about the brand identity design of Instadiet platform.


Instadiet asked Pencil Solutions specialists to create a unique website and mobile applications user interface & user experience, offering a simple and logical page structure with clear call to actions to enhance the user experience (UX),  and mobile application aligned with the brand identity design in the Responsive user interface ( UI) that we built in order to unify & diversify data.
Pencil Solutions, one of the top mobile application UI and Ux studio in Egypt, also designed Instadiet Mobile Application where the main usage is the daily tracking of the food and drinks consumed, and the current standings of the calories needed to consume according to the doctor’s plan, and sure we at pencil solutions used the latest (in case of convenience) technology to design Instadiet’s mobile application.

Ui & Ux Services by pencil solutions 

Instadiet chooses to outsource the Pencil Solutions team to have a top dedicated team of specialists. Pencil Solutions experts spent their whole working days for the agreed time between the two parties working on this project to guarantee exceptional results that suit Pencil Solutions’ experience. Pencil Solutions offers exceptional user interface and user experience Services, served many customers for years to help them reach their target, whether it was increasing revenue, or setting online presence, or any goal they dreamed of and put on their business strategy. Outsourcing has many benefits that kick in-house recruiting out, such as the following:
  • Reaching out to the best of the best and experienced team members that will help any business to receive high-quality products.
  • As a leader, you will be able to concentrate on your key business activities that bring value and ROI to your organization while leaving the risk and the burden of web development to the outsourcing vendor.
  • Outsourced teams save time and money as the assigned team to the project will handle and work on the project on a full-time basis.
  • Save the time spent on training your employees and let them focus on the core business process.

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