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Web & Mobile Merchandizing & Trade Marketing Management System



Our team has partnered with major regional retail group to automate and streamline the management of their growing merchandizing/trade marketing team distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our team organized a set of requirements gathering sessions with the client’s stakeholders in order to illicit insights that can help with the solution formulation.



The main challenges that faced our client were:

  •  A blurred vision of shelf performance & shop-floor issues
  • Shop-floor problem detection, tracking & resolution
  • Lack of historic tracking and a unified communication channel
  • Lack of accurate reporting and analytics
  • Problems could go unsolved with no clear way to track them


Solution Vision

  • A Digital Merchandizing & Mobility System is needed to be developed in order to transform the remote merchandizers’ excellent work form paper work to Digitally and unify all communication channels under one merchandising official application
  • The system will enable our managers to actively and effectively see the shop-floors through the eyes of our customers
  • A Mobile App will allow Merchandizers to report back on the performance of their tasks through photos, videos and audio
  • The App will allow merchandizers to organize their daily visits and tasks and receive assignments and new tasks directly from their managers
  • Territory managers can get detailed reports on the various campaign performance, shelf position, out-of-stocks and any other issues that are being tracked on the system


Provided Solution 

The developed solution consisted of an end-to-end merchandizing and trade marketing task management and reporting system that relied on mobile or tablet Apps that are used by remote merchandizing and trade marketing teams and a web admin dashboard and analytics solution that is used by brand and category management.  The system consisted of the following modules:

  1. Visit Scheduling & Task Management: Supervisor and territory managers can create design the daily/weekly visit schedule to their various branches and set the required frequency. They can also create special tasks or requests to merchandizers to fulfil on their next visit
  2. Merchandizer Productivity & Daily Schedule: The Mobile App will help boost Merchandizing team efficiency by displaying their daily/weekly schedule of visits and guide them through the important tasks to be performed
  3. Promotions/Campaigns Planning & Monitoring: The Web solution will allow Category and  territory managers to plan their campaigns and promotions, notify their merchandizers as well as track the promotion execution and any problems in real time. Merchandizers will be reminded with active promotions and will ensure best execution and shelf placements
  4. Problem/Issue Ticket Tracker: System will allow merchandizers to instantly open tickets to any issue spotted on the ground. Issues will be tracked by managers to expedite resolution and will be monitored on the system until they are closed. System can filter any long-standing unresolved issues to help close them.
  5. Live Rich media-supported tracking of own products and Competition: Management can track in real-time report feeds relating to all merchandizing aspects on the shop-floors pertaining to RITC product as well as competition performance, promotions, new entrants and Shelf-shares. Merchandizer reports are augmented with photo, audio and video feed.
  6. Advanced Analytics & Reporting Tool: The System will allow managers to search, filter and browse on any chain, branch, brand, issue, campaign or merchandizer in the system. A complete 360-degrees view and reporting on what’s happening on the shop floors

Solution Outcomes

The solution has started showing positive results once it went live. Two main benefits stood out namely:

Realtime Market Insights: 

  • Track primary display and shelf share and positioning of all products across all chains
  • Monitor promotion and campaign execution and in-store activities
  • Can instant intelligence on competition products in terms of share of shelf, placement, pricing and active promotions

Improved Operational Efficiencies

  • Instant detection and reporting of in-store issues including out-of-stocks, broken displays, expired products and any other problems that may arise
  • Faster time to issue resolution via continuous monitoring and reminders to merchandizers on the shop-floor
  • Increased regular checks efficiencies through merchandizer mobile app to-do lists and task reminders

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